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About Nordic-Baltic Regional Partners

For centuries the Nordic-Baltic countries had vibrant, growing Christian communities. But political censure and cultural drifting in these nations dimmed the light of Christ to near darkness. For every person in a committed relationship with Christ, 71 are not. We are called to reach out to these brothers and sisters to reintroduce them to a life empowered by a belief in the risen Christ.

For the past 12 years Converge Worldwide has worked in Estonia through:

We have enjoyed personal involvement in a number of these ministries.

Our Estonian partners have leveraged this involvement to 1) grow existing churches, 2) recruit and train Christian leaders and 3) lead hundreds of people to Christ. We can replicate this model in each Nordic-Baltic country with the potential to produce a rich harvest for the kingdom. We are emboldened to bring God’s Word and the gospel throughout the region in partnership with nationals in each nation. God encourages us to move forward.

Bill Ankerberg,
Nordic-Baltic Region Director

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I am excited about the new Nordic- Baltic Regional Partnership. This is big for us at Converge Worldwide, and we hope you will add your prayers and resources.”

President, Converge Worldwide

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